No Kadi, Yes You. Access and enjoy unlimited perks around you. Be the king every day!

State of the art app. Maximum convenience. Extreme usability. Fantastic design. Application suited for Kings.

Unlimited loyalty cards, deals and coupons inside your mobile. Warning: might be addictive.

Aplicaciones móviles de última generación. Experiencia de usuario optimizada. Resultados maximizados.

Potencie su negocio con mobile marketing. Asigne sus recursos eficazmente.

Desarrollamos la app que necesita para una relación rentable y continuada con el consumidor.

State-of-the-art mobile applications company. Optimised consumer experience. Maximised results.

Unleash the potential of mobile marketing for your business. Allocate your resources efficiently.

We develop the app that you need for a profitable and long-term consumer relationship.

Accede y disfruta de un sinfín de ventajas alrededor de ti! Sé el Rey cada día!

Última tecnología. Máxima comodidad. Usabilidad extrema. Diseño immejorable. Aplicación destinada a Reyes!

Ilimitadas tarjetas de fidelización, promociones y cupones en tu móvil. Atención: puede ser adictivo.



Unleash the powers of mobile marketing for your business!

Consumers are mobile savvy and demanding, they embrace mobile solutions of brands and look for convenience, and seamless and interesting interactions with their brands.

Whatever the size of your business, our technology enables you to connect with consumers and turn them into fans in a profitable, lasting way for you and a meaningful, convenient way for them.

Adding the mobile channel to your strategy complements the omni-channel consumer experience that is already boosting businesses around the globe!

Why mobile?

  • The smartphone is a golden opportunity for brands to engage with consumers:
    • There are more than 2 billion smartphones in use
    • Consumers spend more than 3 hours daily with it
    • It offers connectivity and content
    • They are expecting mobile solutions from brands
  • Mobile applications take up 89% of the time spent on mobile 
  • Mobile coupons are redeemed 8 times more than printed coupons
  • Mobile commerce today has become crucial commerce touch point for businesses.

The experts’ opinion

"The brands and merchants that stand out this year will focus on providing with a great mobile-adapted browsing experience that facilitates engagement and shopping through to purchase."

− Paul Crutchley, Strategic Engagement Director at GSMA, Jan 2015

"Ubiquitous mobile infrastructure and the sudden explosion of smart devices are enabling businesses to leverage mobility in previously unimagined ways….It’s all about how brands can fulfill a consumer’s need to constantly stay connected and get work done while on the move"

− Kaushal Sarda, CEO of Kuliza

"Platforms such as mobile payment, mobile ordering and loyalty programs are rapidly growing in the retail marketplace and provide potential benefits such as consumer convenience, increased transactions, higher check, faster speed of service and a seamless brand experience"

− Emil Brolick, CEO of Wendy’s

"Loyalty programs continue to go through a renaissance. Loyalty is no longer about the program. It is about creating the unique and engaging experiences, processes and customer-centric approaches that drive a unique and reciprocal relationship with the customer"

− Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO of Loyalty360
Mobile strategy

What is NoKadi?

Imagine your brand in the mobile of all your consumers!
Isn’t that something to celebrate?

Our mission is to get brands into consumers’ mobile and turn consumers into life-long brand ambassadors

Our innovative technology connects retailers with mobile consumers in a profitable and meaningful way

We help businesses of any size to achieve important objectives, in a cost efficient, effective and long lasting manner.

NoKadi contributes in alleviating the team’s workload, optimising resources, consumer engagement increase, consumer insights and database growth, cost savings and sales.

Because not having a mobile strategy is no longer an option, we have created NoKadi to serve businesses like yours!

Our innovation

Easy access and engagement

Clients, access and engage easily with your marketing and loyalty campaigns. No juggling between sms, loose printed coupons or promotional emails to retrieve promotions.

Easy launch of promotions

Branded offers and mobile coupons increase customer visits in your stores and boost sales. The NoKadi online platform ensures fast and intuitive campaign management.

Geolocation and push notification

The content reaches existing and potential customers when most relevant and useful for them, therefore increasing your business’s visibility, foot traffic, sales and customer base.

Performance tracking

to optimize your marketing campaigns. Gain real time insight and data from all consumer interactions with your brand and enhance your campaigns accordingly in real time.

High-quality consumer database

Build it from day one with accurate personal data, learn more about your consumers and enhance their experience with your brand. NoKadi opens the communication channel to enhance your business.

Consumer base segmentation

Real time and fast, it helps deliver effective, targeted campaigns according to your business objectives and consumer interests. Our platform is CRM compatible for a seamless integration.

In a nutshell…


Enhance your brand image through state-of-the-art technology and unique mobile experience for your clients


Facilitate valuable branded content to your consumers through an easy mobile solution of high usability and convenience


Create new, incremental revenue streams by marketing to customers effectively, and drive increased return on investment (ROI)

Mobile Connectivity

Capitalize on the unprecedented connection with your consumers through the mobile and deliver beyond expectations

Our services are specifically designed to achieve important business objectives in an integral and cost effective way.

marketplace loyalty app


Consumers are at the core of our mission. They value content and convenience and enjoy feeling exclusive and smart.
If they can have all their brands in their mobile, find nearby specials instantly and accumulate points without any plastic in their wallet, why settle for less?


Branded Loyalty app


We understand brands and their need to build a mobile connection with their customers through a branded app that extends the brand promise and values, provides exclusive brand content and complements the omni-channel experience with the mobile channel!


Nokadi XPress


Mobile ordering and mobile payment is finally possible!
Reduced operation costs, increased sales, reduced customer queuing and frustration are finally within reach thanks to our technology. The added bonus is an enhanced, unique experience for your clients!


NoKadi includes

restaurants discounts


Gas stations discounts

Gas stations

market discounts


baby & kids discounts

Baby & kids

Beauty discounts


Hobbies discounts


Home & garden discounts

Home & garden

Hotels discounts


fashion discounts

Fashion discounts

take away discounts app

Take away

Transport discounts


And more