TURN YOUR CUSTOMERS INTO FANS through a unique mobile experience

Unleash the powers of mobile marketing for your business!

Whatever the size of your business, the advanced technology of NoKadi empowers your brand to connect with consumers and turn them into fans in a profitable and lasting way for you and a meaningful and convenient way for them.

Consumers are increasingly mobile savvy and demanding, while they embrace mobile solutions implemented by brands they use. They request convenience and seamless and productive interactions with their brands.

By adding mobile to your marketing strategy you tap into the unlimited rewards of omni-channel consumer experience that is already revolutionising and boosting businesses

Why mobile?

  • The smartphone is a golden opportunity for brands to reach and engage with consumers:
    • There are more than 2 billion smartphones in use
    • Consumers spend more than 3 hours daily with it
    • It offers connectivity and content
    • They are expecting mobile solutions from brands
  • Mobile applications take up 89% of the time spent on mobile (iOS and Android combined). Mobile web gets the remaining 11%.
  • Did you know that mobile coupons are redeemed 8 times more than printed coupons?
  • Mobile commerce today has become crucial commerce touch point for businesses.