Mobile strategy

What is NoKadi?

Imagine your brand in the mobile of all your consumers! Isn’t that something to celebrate?

Our mission is to get brands into consumers’ mobile and turn consumers into life-long brand ambassadors

Our innovative technology connects retailers with mobile consumers in a profitable and meaningful way

We help businesses of any size to achieve important objectives, in a cost efficient, effective and long lasting manner.

NoKadi contributes in alleviating the team’s workload, optimising resources, consumer engagement increase, consumer insights and database growth, cost savings and sales.

Because not having a mobile strategy is no longer an option, we have created NoKadi to serve businesses like yours!

Our innovation

Content access and engagement

Consumers, existing and new, access and engage easily with your marketing and loyalty campaigns. No juggling between sms, loose print coupons and promotional emails to retrieve promotions.

Easy launch of promotions

Branded offers and mobile coupons increase customer visits in your stores and boost sales. Fast and intuitive campaign management through the NoKadi online platform.

Geolocalised content

reaches your customers as well as new ones, when it is most relevant for them, increases the visibility of your business, improves foot traffic and sales, and grows your customer database.

Performance tracking

to optimize your marketing strategies. Gain real time insight and data from all consumer interactions with your brand and enhance your campaigns accordingly in real time.

High-quality consumer database

Build it from day one with accurate personal data, learn more about your consumers and enhance their experience with your brand. NoKadi opens the communication channel to enhance your business.

Consumer base segmentation

Real time and fast, it helps deliver effective, targeted campaigns according to your business objectives and interests of your consumers. Our platform is CRM compatible to save you time and effort.

In a nutshell…


Enhance your brand image through state of the art technology and unique mobile experience for your clients


Bring valuable branded content to your consumers through an easy mobile solution of high usability and convenience


Create new, incremental revenue streams by effectively marketing to customers and drive increased return on investment

Mobile Connectivity

Capitalize on the unprecedented connection with your consumers through the mobile and deliver beyond expectations